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The qualities listed on the left are connected with center space and the four cardinal directions, plus the directions of above and below. Manifesting through the natural elements and our sense perceptions, they are the basic energies that shape our lives and world. On the right are just a few examples of their influence on human concerns.

You need more relaxation, gentleness, and sanity in your world (and less stress, intensity, and clutter); you feel a lack of sacredness or “center” in your life. The quality of spaciousness is connected with space, itself.

You feel disorganized and your goals are not clear. You want/need to address issues of person development, schooling, or health. You need more focus, and would like to simplify your life, find more meaning, get down to essentials. Clarity is connected with the water element and the colors blue or white.

Money and resources are a concern. You’re not grounded; your life is not satisfying. You need/want to expand or enrich your horizons—and your confidence needs a boost. You’d like to have a greater presence/influence in the world. Richness is connected with the earth element and yellow/gold.

Relationships are an issue. You feel isolated, unhappy, lonely. Your home/workplace is not comfortable. Pleasure and passion aren’t part of your life. You are definitely not having fun yet! Warmth is connected with the fire element and the color red.

Work is out of control (even your space doesn’t work for you). You want less speed and competitiveness in your life; more efficiency, productivity —and more success! You are ready to be part of the action. Energy is connected with the wind element and green color.

Your “guiding lights” have grown dim. There is little presence of ancestors (or guardian angels, higher powers) in your life. Home no longer brings out the best in you: familiarity has bred contempt. Heaven is connected with the mind and your higher thoughts and aspirations.

Practicalities (cooking, recycling, car maintenance, banking) overwhelm you. You have no time for the nitty-gritty details. The physical world is a bother instead of a blessing. Earth is connected with structure, stability, and having some ground under your feet.

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